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Thread: Scary....about swallowing bully sticks...please read!

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    Wow is that very scary. Im glad you were able to massage it out of her.
    I give Ginger flossies- and because I always feared this outcome, I actually end up holding the bottom of it for most of the chew time (resulting in a stinky hand-but better than any alternative)
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    one of the best things to ever happen to me!

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    I had a similar experience with hide chews. I have long since stopped using the 5 inch pencil type hide chew or even the 5 inch , thicker cigar chew but I did think the 10 inch cigar chew would be OK.
    My girl was enjoying her chew, I called her to go upstairs to bed,she followed me quickly. After about 5 minutes she began retching and produced the solid chew about 5/6 inches long and carried on where she left off! Or so she thought ,I rapidly removed the chew much to her disgust.
    I still use the 10 inch chews as they give my girls so much pleasure but I watch like a hawk now!!


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