i bet you've never seen these before!
These are native dogs to my country. These silly photo i took of them couple years ago really dont do them just. they are very handsome dogs.
They are very intelligent but can be ferocious if not properly trained.
One guy offered my dad $20000 to purchase Brave as a stud dog but my dad declined. My dad said he will not sell his child. My dad said he wants to ship one over to protect me!

i will be visiting them in a couple of weeks!

My dad's favorite dog in the wholewide world. Also my first dog.

her notorious twin


flower getting sunbath

fyi:The Formosan Mountain Dog, commonly referred to as simply Formosan, and also known as Taiwan Dog or Taiwan Native Dog is a breed of dog indigenous to Taiwan. Formosans are further classified into Taiya, Bunon, and Plain based on various physical characteristics Originally kept by aboriginal Taiwanese as hunting dogs, purebred Formosans are extremely rare, so much so that one dog breeder in Taiwan named Chen Ming-nan spent 10 years to find four dogs suitable for breeding.