This is a thread for sharing tips on how to make it easier for us to care for our cavaliers who have SM.

The medicine schedule that works best for Geordie is: 6am Gabapentin, 8am 1/4 Prilosec, 2pm Gabapentin, 8pm 1/4 Prilosec, 10pm Gabapentin. I've found that splitting his dose of Prilosec actually works better for him, and the neurologist approved. We keep this schedule posted in the kitchen so there is no mixup on his next dose.

We use the stove timer to help manage his schedule. I set the timer for 2 hours when I give him his 6am dose. Then Colin sets the timer for 6 hours when he gives Geordie his 8am dose, etc. Then if we're busy, we have the timer beep to remind us of his next dose.

We've had 2-3 times where Geordie was restless at night. I learned something from Geordie about what he needs. I had a thick comforter folded on the floor (I was planning to wash it the next day) and he climbed on and made himself comfortable for the night. It really works for our little guy!

Does anyone have tips for living with SM?