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My 6 year old, Jeszel, gets pills/capsules 6 times per day. I use a timed cat feeder that is set to open when I'm not at home or alseep. I wrap the pills/capsules with Greenies pill pockets and place them in the feeder and set the timer. Jeszel likes the taste of the pill pockets so she grabs the meds out of the feeder right away and has never left a pill behind. Jeszel actually found the timed feeder fun and keeps an eye on it... she makes sure to sleep near it in my bedroom so that she does not miss it opening at 3am. If you dont have another dog around that could grab the meds instead, this is a handy method.
I am looking into timed cat feeder to give medicine for my Bee. There are so many out there and don't know which one to choose. If I may ask, what brand are you using?