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Thread: tips for living with SM

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    Iīve a 3 year old bitch with SM (MRI-scanned). She is having garbaphentin 3 times a day. We found out that itīs important, that she gets it every about 8 hours. Because of the limited possibilities to get the right dose (3* 100 mg/day) - the pills in Denmark is only comming in 600 mg/pill, she is having 1/4 pill 3*/day (= 150 mg *3/day. She is also given a small dose of Furix every morning. She is a happy dog, and seems to have no sideeffects.

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    Hot Weather Warning

    I thought it a good idea to mention that the building high temperatures/humidity forecast to start coming in today might well affect our SM/CM symptomatic dogs. Rebel has already showed signs of distress so I am increasing his medications all round and turning on the fans everywhere in the house. The patio doors to the garden are constantly open until I go to bed and there is a fan on max. beside his bedtime crate so that he is constantly in a swathe of cooler air.

    Anyone in any doubt about the maximum dose of prescribed drugs should speak to their vet or neurologist for recommendations.

    For what it's worth, I think any kind of stress is likely to trigger my boy's acute symptoms.
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