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    Hoping someone can help, I joined cause I love reading up on cavaliers, and I wanted to find out more about allergies, food related. Lady has had flaky skin and itching for ages, ive tried different shampoo`s but no luck, I now think its food related. Any imput on this would be appreciated.

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    Has she been to the vet for this? If she has and the vet cannot cure it, she should probably be seen by a veterinary dermatologist; are you near a university that has a veterinary college?

    If she's smelly, see a dermatologist. You'd be amazed how much they can do for your dog, beyond a regular vet.

    For normal dandruff, our vet recommends 3V Caps, which we can buy at the vets:

    Or try Omega-3 Fish Oil softgels for humans from the drugstore. We give one 1000mg softgel per day in their food.

    A good prescription shampoo for flaking skin is DOUXO, which a vet can order for you. This is the shampoo our dermatologist recommends for India:

    If you think it's food related, try a food that has fish, venison, lamb or rabbit as the protein, and try to get one with potato, barley or millet as the carbohydrate rather than grains like corn, wheat.
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    This could be a dermatology problem, an allergy, rabbit mites -- lots of things. An allergy could be food or environment related. If it is food related there are specific elimination diets you need to do for at least 8 weeks or so and you need to be very strict with treats etc as well. Food allergies are often blamed for problems but actually are not that common.

    As Cathy says the starting point should be a vet to determine the likely cause of the problem and then you can get help trying to deal directly with the likely problems rather than put the dog through lots of regimes that might not be relevant.

    PS some dogs just have mild dermatitis and it doesn't bother them much. My vets feel my dog Lily has a mild skin flakiness that doesn't really need to be treated. She isn't too bothered by it.
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