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    Your body held against my chest
    long auburn ears fanned out in rest.
    I look upon you long and deep
    your image in my mind to keep,
    and blink the tears that blur my view
    of my last chance to gaze at you.

    I long to feel you stir and wake
    and watch you stretch and see you shake
    and wag your tail and romp with me
    but now you’ve gone where I can’t be.
    I plant a kiss upon your head
    and place you gently on your bed.

    I do not want to lay you down
    to dig the red clay Georgia ground
    my tears to loose the stubborn dirt
    each spade-full filling me with hurt.
    But you deserve a proper grave
    and my children need to see me brave.

    Now one last time I hold you close,
    caress your fur and kiss your nose
    but your fading warmth says you’re not here
    so with a sob and many a tear
    reluctantly I lay you down
    with part of my heart, in the ground.

    Thank you for your loving heart
    your gentle soul, your happy bark.
    When I, too, go beyond this place
    I eagerly will seek your face.
    Then I will hold you once again
    my precious dog, my loyal friend.

    I still miss her so much and wrote this. I know there are a lot of poems that deal with losing a pet, but I just needed to express my sadness in my own words.
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