We are currently fostering a 2 year old blenheim boy for Cavalier Rescue. He is a sweetheart, but he's huge and he almost certainly came from a puppy mill, from looking at his papers. Anyway, although he never could have made it as a show dog, he has the most beautiful dark ruby markings. Beside him, Daisy's patches and ears look very pale and washed out. Do you think my using whitening shampoos has done this to her, or is it just a genetic thing? These whitening shampoos always say they have no bleach, but they have "optical brighteners." I usually use Chris Christenson's "White on White." I also use one from Bio-Groom. Both say they are safe for all colors. The Chris Christenson one says that if you're in doubt as to which of the shampoos to use, use the White on White. (They also have Black on Black.)

Any thoughts ?-- especially from the show breeders on the board? Daisy's ruby patches are fairly dark on the short hair on the top of her back (although not as dark as his), but the hair with any length on it at all is very faded looking. Actually, his longer hair on his sides is faded, too, but overall his red is much richer than Daisy's. I have also noticed another blenheim in our neighborhood who is much more richly-colored than our Daisy. Both she and our foster boy have much shorter hair than Daisy, though, so that probably makes a difference. In fact, that blenheim girl in our neighborhood has such short hair that she looks like she's been clipped, but she hasn't.

BTW, this boy's a joy to foster and is just the best-natured guy. He's a big ol' rough and tumble fellow. (33 pounds, but honestly, he doesn't look overweight to me.) VERY food-motivated, though. Although he gets along well with other dogs, including our Daisy, he'd knock her for a loop if there was food present and we gave him the chance.