Hi I'm new to this and this is my first post

My nearly two year old blenhiem girl Kizzy is showing many symptoms (except scratching) of syringomyilea, I can tell she is in pain and often yelps and screams especially when jumping up- this devastates me. She can no longer bend down properly for her food and struggles getting onto my lap. She is my first dog and i never knew how much i could love an animal before i had her shes such an amazing dog.

I have taken her to the vet and they gave her Rimadyl for 5 days - she was quite a bit better whilst on it but now shes off it shes suffereing again. I will be going back to the vet tomorrow but sadly had to delay going to the vet as we have only just got insurance sorted out and as I know I don't have the money to treat the condition I wanted to wait for the insurance as it's my only hope for getting her properly treated.

The symptoms seemed to come on so rapidly and got so much worse within two weeks, she was so lovley and still acted like a young puppy she has an amazing livley caring and playful temperament but now she rarley plays and isn't excitable about walks and is off her food which she used to love(even biscuits)

I am in such a state about this and don't know what is the best thing to do. Hopfully insurance (petplan) will cover MRI scan and surgery if needed.

Is there any chance this isn't SM as she dosn't really scratch and isn't to bothered about us touching her neck although she's often in pain.

Also i hear there are some quite good drugs in helping dogs cope with Sm, I was wondering how long they can stay on medication for and which are the most effective.

Sorry to write so much and sorry about spelling and Gramma! if anyone can help me that would be great.

Thank you Hannah