it is two years ago that I was last on this message board - which I had left at the time due to health reasons. Please excuse my long absence. I came here actually looking for something else, and found this thread.
I am "allegedly" a cavalier breeder in Germany (1 litter - therefore the allegedly). I have watched the program in question on "you tube" and have red this thread.
I would like to crrect one point I have read here which ist stating that only the swedish kennel clubs has rules of mvd. This is not correct. In Germany we have 3 breed clubs for ckcs. Different to the UK our clubs are able to make rules and if we do not abide by them we are thrown out (do not worry I am not at risk of this). We are not allowed to breed with heart ill dogs - period - and this has been the rule for a long time. I have been involved in the breed in Germany for 5 years, I have been showing cavaliers and participate in German Forums since their inception. In all this time I have only encountered one private owner with a dog that was bred in accordance with the breed clubs rules with MVD aged under 2 years. This dog was line bred to a dog who died of an untreated heart condition aged 8 years. Therefore I have reason to believe we are making good progress here.

I agree with the criticisms made of the kennel club in the film, but I am also concerned. A german company has bought it and will be planning to show it in Germany. I exepct that viewers will believe that the details in the film reflect standards in Germany. I am p***** off with the concept of having to repair that perception. It has taken long enough to persuade vets not to think that every cavaliers is a walking time bomb for heart failure.

kind regards,