Simon is my two year old, he's a great dog, but has a real problem with fixating on food.

When my husband and I (or either one of us alone) are in the kitchen Simon can't stop staring, encroaching on the kitchen from the hall, or drooling. As we live in a small house, both our dogs (the other is a Maltese/Shi Tzu) are not allowed in the kitchen unless invited, and never when there is food being eaten or prepared.

We feed both our boys once a day, prior to our dinner, thinking this would alleviate some of the hunger with our human food smells. Treats are infrequent and never given in the kitchen.

While our other dog (Jack) had a bit of the same problem before Simon arrived in our household, he grew out of the nasty little habit. We don't see Simon maturing in this area, if that is the right way to put it...

Does anyone have any suggestions on why Simon is so desperate, or what is driving this behavior? Simon is a great dog but I am afraid that his fixation could inadvertently get him into trouble one day.

I should note that Simon gets 1/2 cup of kibble (brand is Prairie) as day and is maintaining a very good weight. Treats when received consist of carrots or celery, but I have noticed him also munching down on the back lawn over the past month. Not to induce vomiting, but lately I think he thinks he is a Jersey cow!!

I know the breed has a tendency to become over weight so we have really watched his intake.

Got any suggestions or ideas, or feedback? I thank you for your time in reading this post.