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Many years ago our first tricolour came proudly down the stairs, head held high & trailing one of my bra's, just as the Vicar stepped into the room.

Margaret C

Hahaha I love it! Margaret, can you remember little Annie that Alison adopted from Many Tears? Well Annie and Hunnybuns came to stay with us whilst Alison took a much needed weekend break away with the family. Hubby and sons all had friends in the lounge and I was in the bath. I am never allowed to shut the door as Maxx suffers from separation anxiety.

Anyway, Annie followed me in the bathroom and next thing I know, my top disappeared round the door. 2 minutes later she was back and then I heard hysterics downstairs - she'd dragged my undies and bra down through the lounge and round the garden for everyone to view :O

I couldn't do anything but laugh as it was actually a real step forward for her to display some cavalier traits rest her litle soul x