It is with deepest sadness we had to bid farewell to our beautiful ruby girl, Tandie.

Tandie came to us almost two years ago as a rescue through Karlin. We'll be ever grateful for the time we had with her. She had an estimated grade 4 murmer when we got her, but was ever energetic, lively and playful, right to the end. She was put on fortekor a while ago at the first sign of symptoms, but never really fully responded despite eventually being on 4 types of medication. A trip to the cardiologist showed a very enlarged heart, and a grade 5 murmer. She was in good form right up until Thursday night when she first appeared ill. She was taken to the vet first thing Friday morning, and she got an injection to help the fluid on her lungs and in her stomach. She was peaceful and sleeping all day Friday, still wagging her tail, still good natured. She eventually passed on in her sleep, with Dougal lying beside her.

She will be sadly missed by both Billy and myself, and her other half, Dougal.

Some of our favourite memories of Tandie (of which there are too many to mention, but I'll try and do a highlights!)

1. The way she would curl her lip when decidedly unimpressed about something, like when she was wet, being groomed or being made to wait for some food. And most definately when playing in the snow.

2. Her bloodthirstyness for animals smaller than her; be they cats or lobsters

3. Her love of new experiences, always relaxed or excited. Never frightened. She loved boats, cows, donkeys and the nearby woods.

4. Her charm, her lovingness towards us and dougal. The way she always loved to sit beside me with her head in my lap.

We miss you Tandie.