In my quest to get a few pounds off Watson (about 23.5 lbs, should be closer to 21/22 - he's a big guy), I'm adding about 1/8 cup veggies to his mostly dry Innova dinner (I add a tablespoon of canned Innova). Anyway, I've been using a steamed carrots, cauliflower, broccoli mix.

My question is: how MUCH of the veggies do those of you who give veggies... give? He really likes them, so I'd like to give more. I think it might fill him up better, and he'll stop going back to lick his bowl or search for "goodies" in the cat litter, neither of which he did before the "diet". I've so far only been doing veggies with his dinner, but he also has a 1/4 cub kibble-only breakfast.

Also, how fast is the recommended speed of weight loss? He lost about a half pound the past week, which doesn't seem like much. But then again, at his size, I guess it is.