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    Unhappy Puppy with SM

    We have a 7 year old very loved ruby cavalier. His name is Totti and he was recently diagnosed with SM. We were of course devastated. Totti is on cortison and is not having pain episodes but of cpurse he is very affected by the decease. We now have a puppy. Already when we fetched him I noticed he was scratching himself in exactly the same way as Totti does. He has now been with us for 4 weeks and is 12 weeks old. The scratching has continued and he has a hard time relaxing and moves a lot when he sleeps. I took him today to the vet and he did spot pain when stretching his neck. Now he is being tested for everything to exclude the posibility of other deceases. Next step is an MRI. Many vets have now been consulted since he is so young and the they dont think the decease can make a debut at such an early age.

    I can't describe how I feel. It really is such bad luck. If it had not been for the experience of Totti's SM I would never have recognized the symptoms. Well we still don't know that it is SM for sure so I guess I should wait and not get too upset yet. It's difficult though
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