Doogle 1/11/98 - 21/8/08

Although Doogle wasnt a cavalier he was still as special to me as any of my babes, so I hope no-one minds me posting about him. I had to have him PTS this morning as his tumour had fiercly grown and the vet could do no more for him. My heart is breaking having had to have both my babes PTS within a day of each other. I hope they are both running free and out of pain at the bridge.
Play happy my babies till I see you again.

At night when I get into my bed
In silent comfort, I lay my head
Thinking of you, my dear sweet friend
Somehow knowing there isnt an end.

Before the lighting of the morn
when the night softly brings the dawn
Thats when I see you young and free
wagging your tail in wait for me.

We kiss and hug and laugh and play
just as we did before you went away.
so happy and content are we
to meet in peace, even if, in slumber it be.

So happy does our meetings make me
bursting my heart with pride
to spend time happy and free
with you once again, by my side.

Then comes the morn, with the sun so bright
Im so content to have spent the night
with you my special trusted friend
in my dreams...
wish they'd never end!