So who's dog has chewed something really really important? Or who's dog likes to collect certain items in the house?

Im asking because my little Holly has chewed her ONLY harness... and it is ruined. My fault really as I left it on the hall floor! She has always hated her harness... and I use it if we are on longer walks than the local ones (where there are no roads so she is generally off lead). I think she saw her opportunity and grabbed it with both hands (paws) and unfortunately teeth!

As for collecting things... my wee Murphy LOVES socks and pants!!! He never fails to find a pair of my pants if we have visitors (our bedroom door is always closed now as he can open my underwear drawer ). I have no idea! Men eh?! I was just tidying the spare room where their crates are, and there were numerous socks planted around the room (behind a vase, under the sofabed, behind my desk! ).

Always an ice-breaker when there are new folk round and your lovely little dog comes running in with a pair of knickers in his mouth! LOL

So tell me your wee stories of the chewers and the collectors?