I've been reading about SM all afternoon and I'm wondering exaclty how extreme a symptom needs to be in order to be worried. I'm very well aware that if you read symptoms lists long enough you could diagnose yourself, and in this case your dog, with just about any disease or disorder. Anastasia scratches a lot around her ears and neck a lot, but never screams in pain unless she snaggs her nail on a knot in her furr. she also loves to roll around on the ground, but she does it while she's holding her toys and playing. she has been seen for what our doctor thinks is a disc problem in her back. she wouldn't jump, walked stiffly, and cried when we picked her up. since then as long as we keep her from jumping off the back of the sofa she's fine. if she has a flare up (which has only happened 3 times and in a year and a half and always followed an "incident") one dose of Metacam is all she needs and she's back to normal. but after reading the SM website I feel like if I don't think it's SM I'm a bad owner.
Should I be worried or am I crazy??