Hi, Everyone,

My name is Patrick, my dogs is Gizmo! He is 3yrs 6mths and has just been diagnosed with SM. I new nothing of this terrible disease. He has been fine his whole life, no symptoms what so ever.

About 3 weeks ago he let out a terrible cry for no reason, I thought it was mabey the way he had been lying. A few days later he done the same and I began to worry. I took him to the vets who seemed perplexed as well and prescribed some steriods to see if that would help. It didnt he yelped in pain again and I went back to the vet. The vet told me it could be all sorts of conditions but rather than waste time he wanted Gizmo to have a MIR scan.

This was done on wed the 27/08 and his condition was confirmed. The neuroligist said he is by no means the worst case she has ever seen, she explained the condition but I was no use, completely heart broken, almost as though a death sentance had just been laid down.

The neuroligist advised starting him on medication and prescribed Gabapentin 100mg x2 p/day. This does seem to be helping. Gizmo is still running, playing,eating , drinking and happy. I am distraught however and have cried for 4 days solid, despite the neuroligist advising against surgery at this point I can not help but wonder if surgery now would be more benificial than wating to see if his condition worsens. (I would never forgive myself if I wait to long and hurt my baby)

I was wondering if some of you could share your views / experience with me? As I said I knew nothing of this disease and dont know what to expect. I know each dog is different but right now I feel as though my world has colapsed and think hearing anything could help me deal with this. One thing I would like to know is should I treat my dog any different IE stop him playing / getting over excited etc.


Patrick and Gizmo