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Thread: Anal Glands

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    I had Brady groomed yesterday and the veterinary nurse said his were full and she had cleaned them. He is a 11 months and this is the first time he has it done and to be honest I never knew this had to be done.

    She just told me to keep an eye out for him bum shuffling.

    Is it a necessary procedure every so often?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciren View Post
    someone on here suggested feeding Chappie canned food, its worked brilliantly. her stools are much firmer and touch wood we been ok so far.
    I wonder if that was me! I use Chappie too and it gave firmer stools than any dry food I used.

    Dylan has never had his anal glands emptied. He scoots maybe once a week for a couple of seconds. I don't see this as a problem.
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    This is a quote from a cavalier care site that Karlin left a link to in one of her posts:

    [FONT=Eurostile][SIZE=4]ANAL SACS
    Leave them alone; don't let your vet touch them in a puppy less than one year of age--unless they are truly uncomfortable. Nearly ALL anal sac problems are caused by vets expressing them too often starting at a young age. Once they start, they can never stop. Dogs in the wild do not need their anal sacs expressed, why should yours?

    There was more on the topic but I only copied a small portion. The whole site is very worth while looking at. Find it at:

    My vet agreed. He said the glands can be stimulated to over produce if they are expressed too often ..thereby causing a perpetual problem that should never have been created in the first place.


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