Hello to everyone,
My name is sally and over the past 2 days been reading as much as i can about this terrible condition my heart goes out to everyone who has a cavy affected. Being a cavy owner myself i can only imagine how heartbreaking it is.
I have been told about the documentary on the bbc but i can not bring myself to view it as i feel i would be deeply upset.
However i have read the symtoms of sm to look out for and my little baby is 6 years old and as yet i have not heard or thought she may be in pain.
And i am anxiously watching out for any air scratching or anything that might show she is affected.
I watched on a video of a cavy who was rolling on floor rubbing head excited which said was diagnosed with sm as my cavy does that everytime she eats or gets abit wet i thought that was normal behaviour ?
I also wondered can sm accour at any age or would it be noticeable now as she is 6 ?
I have read that the only way to diagnose sm is by mri scan so i spoke to my vet who told me it would cost £1400 which i would have to get a loan to pay.
Which wouldnt not be a problem as i would find the money but i am unsure if at this stage what to do.
I think if she had sm i would like to know so it could possibly be treated but i do not want to panic as she might not.
If anyone could make any suggestions as i very confused what to do.
Thank you everyone who has posted about sm and that more people will become aware like me of this condition.