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We talked about changing food and treats so I wanted some opinions and/or suggestions.

I have her on Wellness, but think in may be to 'hot', the vet is going to try to order Royal Canin for Cavaliers as I have seen that severial of you like it. Treats will be reduced to dry biscuits (Nutro maks for sensitive stomachs) and as I have started training for agility with her low fat cheese and cooked chicken.
I've had wonderful success with Nature's Variety Frozen Raw rabbit or lamb food after India's and Geordie's bouts with diarrhea. And Nature's Variety Prairie venison & millet kibble is easy on their stomachs too.

If you begin to suspect her training treats as being a problem, we've had success with Natural Balance lamb log rolls. I used to cut off a slice and then dice it into tiny cubes for agility training treats.