This week has been a very hard week for my family. My grandmother passed early this morning with all of us by her side. Then, after my sister and I drove back to TN to collect our spouses before the services tomorrow and Monday, my sister's beloved English bulldog, Lola, died. There was a mishap with their gate and fence, and she and their other dog got out. They were unaware they were even out of the yard, and they ran onto a busy rode in our town. Lola was hit and killed, and our family is just devastated. I tried to find some photos on my computer of her, but they're all in print. She was 5 and was my sister's first "baby" before she had her 2 children. She was one of the sweetest and happiest dogs I've ever encountered and LOVED those children. I just wanted to share this as we are in need of prayers at this time.