Thank you for all of your kind words and prayers! We buried my grandmother today, and my sister snuck a little picture of Lola in the casket with her in hopes that she would watch after her! My grandmother had a feeding tube the last year of her life, and she kept saying that she was looking forward to eating in heaven. We jokingly said today that while she was enjoying her meal, Lola was probably right at her feet ready to gobble up any crumbs. My sister and her husband were going to tell my 3 year old nephew about Lola tonight, so I'm hoping it went well. We've been out of town, so he hadn't missed her. Oh, and we had a scare with Ruby this weekend as well. She was staying with my best friend, and about 15 minutes after we left her at her house, Ruby shot out the door when her boyfriend was leaving. She headed straight for a busy 4 lane road and stopped short of it when she heard my friend screaming her name. I think she was probably trying to find us. I am so thankful to God that nothing else added to our sadness! Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!!