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    Default please help im really scared!!

    ive posted this in general discussion but dont know if should be here apolagies if not. michelle xx

    hi as most of you will know i bring millie home in 2 weeks 6 days, we adore her and love her so much already we chose her when she was 5 days old and visit her every 2 weeks ( although its been every weeks last few). when me my husband & 9 year old son decided to get a pet to be part of our family we discussed breeds etc & because 3 of my work collegues have cavs and told me about there temperment etc they sounded perfect so of we went a bought millie, i must stress how fantastic the breeder is she has properly researched it and knows wjat she is doing & the pups are loved & cared for her her hubby and there kids. anyway acouple weeks ago i turned the tv on and that dogs exposed program was on i was upset as i didnt realise cavs had so many health issues, i spoke to gemma who was fantastic & reassured me both sets parents etc are both sound and the puppys are sound (they have been vet checked) and i was content again. but since browsing on the health forum ive read some really upsetting things about othere peoples babies and now im really scared for millie infact i become paronoid thinking its so common shes gonna become ill. im so sorry i didnt research the breed more i was so naive but we love millie so much i carnt even contemplaint not having her. i suppose what im asking is is this as common as im reading!! should i stop reading abouth health issuses!! im so hurting and worried i dont wanna be looking for symptoms all the time but obviosly wanna spot them.
    very sad michelle
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