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Thread: Help -- My 2 year old cav is attacking my 9 month old cav

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    I don't have two cavs, but I've had two male dogs of the same breed before (papillons and pomeranians) and unless your older dog is really going for the younger one with true ferocity, I think you should leave well alone and let them sort it out. Don't feed them in the same room, if you give treats, always give to the older dog first, fuss him first etc to show him that the younger one isn't taking his place.

    We have a lurcher of around 5 and a cav who is now nearly one, and there are times he gets really fed up with her leaping on him and really tells her off, but if he accidentally makes her squeak he's very worried and makes a big fuss of her afterwards. Some of their games would make your blood curdle, when he has his jaws completely round her throat, but it's not meant seriously.

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    First of all, thanks to all of you who took so much time to answer my call for help. Our biggest fear is not that Leo will actually hurt Milo, it's that Milo will become traumatized.

    Some of the conflict comes from feeding issues, some of it is over my wife. Leo is apparently very possessive of her - and doesn't like it when Milo gets her attention.

    Still, through all this, they do play together, sleep next to each other and offer each other comfort when we are gone. I remain cautiously optimistic.


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