My podgy Cavalier was on "Hill Science Plan, Light" and it really helped with the weight loss. She is currently on "Royal Canin, Light" (we couldn't get the other the last time we bought food for her) and is still doing fine. I don't give her anything else (chicken etc) but she gets raw hide and carrot when we treat her. When we are trying to get her to loose weight we try to bring her for 2 (if not more) brisk walks each day (for 20 - 30 minutes). The weight came off quite well, 2kg, but then due to a change in circumstances we couldn't dedicte so much time to the weight loss and she gained 1kg. We are starting back on the weight loss program again and she needs to loose 2kg to be down to an ok weight.

It can be very frustrating dealing with it, if they have a slow metabloism and are generally not super active the weight piles on without notice and then it is 10 times harder to get rid of it than it was to put it on (story of life!). Do keep at it though, it really pays off!