Hi all

My Ted is going to be 1 year old in November, he has some funny habits and I am not sure if I should be worried about them, I had never heard of SM until that BBC programme (I am a first time Cav owner) and now after watching the videos of the dogs with the condition I am starting to question his habits.

Ted likes to bit his back paws quite a bit, along with this he seems to nip at his leg at the same time, he also does scratch his neck. When I take him for a walk, at the start he seems to kick one of his back legs, it's like he is going to scratch but he doesn't. He has never winced or made any noise when I cuddle him around his neck head area.

Is this normal behaviour or is it something that I should get checked, do Vets offer screening for this condition, I don't care how much it costs I just want to know that Ted is not suffering from anything and is not in pain.