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Thread: Is this normal or should I get checked?

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    Good luck tomorrow at the vets
    Ollie Roxy Bailey

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    Will be thinking of you tomorrow. We are in the same boat as you but Dylan had inflamed ears then sore eyes due to allergies. The vet said we have to rule out other reasons for his scratching before we go to the neurologist otherwise they would just tell us to come back later. Well of course his scratching was only air scratching while on a walk so I knew he didn't have itchy ears. I am noticing more and more signs now though, scratching his head, licking his paws, wiping his face, yelping and smacking his lips. These are very recent developments, I didn't notice them before.

    Really all they can do for now is pain killers. Make sure if your dog does need a MRI you go to one of the cheap places, I think all the addresses are on Karlin's SM site.

    But, remember for now, you don't know what is wrong like me. We are all here to support you through this

    It's heartbreaking I know, I have put off going to the vets, i should have gone mid week. I will go this week. Be brave and sort this out, they will just put your dog on pain killers I think if he has SM.
    Dylan, Poppy & Kipling's
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