Have there been any studies that have shown less incidence of SM & CM in Cavaliers? I happened on this one ( small numbers) and thought that the % seemed to be close and then, with all discussion that the % is wrong ( not here) I wondered about any other studies that might have shown a difference.


Objectives: The objectives of the study were (1) to report the incidence of Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia in a normal French cavalier King Charles spaniel breeding population; (2) to precise the standard computed tomography dimensions of the caudal fossa and (3) to investigate the use of ultrasonography in diagnosis of this syndrome.
Methods: Clinically normal adult cavalier King Charles spaniel underwent ultrasonographic examination of the spinal cord and caudal fossa. Computed tomography was used to measure the caudal fossa and magnetic resonance imaging allowed syringomyelia and cerebellar herniation identification.
Results: Of the 16 dogs in the study, seven had syringomyelia (43ยท7 per cent). All dogs had cerebellar herniation, suggesting Chiari-like malformation and also a tendency to occipital dysplasia. Computed tomography measurements of the caudal fossa are reported. In one dog, a syrinx was identified by ultrasonography. The only difference between dogs with or without syringomyelia was that dogs with Chiari-like malformation/syringomyelia were statistically older.