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Thread: Food Aggression

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    Mine eat in their crates. They are sweet as can be....but food in front of them and they turn into little monsters. In their crates they can take their time eating without worrying about someone else getting their food.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlin View Post
    Why not? This is usually one of the basic steps involved in crate training itself -- because it gives dogs an excellent initial association with the crate if they are fed there. Most crate training guides recommend starting a puppy or adult dog's introduction to crates by feeding them inside with the door closed.

    For example:

    You certainly can separate them in different rooms or with a barrier as I noted -- doesn't need to be crates -- but crates are very easy to use and it helps reinforce a good association with the crate.
    I suppose I never fed them in the crate as they have loved their crates from day 1. Their own personal bedroom!

    I do supervise their meal times and actually Chili has really relaxed. I must say shes great with Oscar the puppy but I wouldnt trust her when theres food involved at all. She has put manners on him, he really repects her now. I just love looking out into the garden and seeing them all snuggled up together. They have formed such a close bond in the space of a few weeks.
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