Hello All,

Rio has been displaying some unusual signs for the last 3 weeks or so that my family and I have begun to notice more and more. At first I thought it was me going a little crazy that he has been scratching more than usual around the neck area. Rio has just turned 2 in the last month and even when as a pup he never itched very much.

It starts off as an itch then he itches at the same spot for 5 minutes or so then he stops then a few minutes pass and he does it again. His left back leg always sits splayed out from his other legs and when you touch his pads on that foot its highly sensitive almost as if he finds it ticklish but does not flinch when his other pads are being looked touched. Very strange.

All the left side just before his left leg along his waist he flinches alot when stroking him even softly. He has started to look round at you when you run your hand along that side and puts his tounge out and makes an almost sucking noise his tounge slightly out as he makes the noise.

Even when brushing him down that side his leg starts to pound like Thumper the rabbit out of the film Bambi and he rolls on the floor alot like he is trying to clean his face?

The back left leg always has had its problems for sensitivity and we always thought it was a trapped nerve and our vets told us not to worry but now after watching the BBC programme about SM we are starting to think these strange behaviours could be somehow linked to SM and if not something else?

Do any of you with your Cavs ever have any strange behaviours such as this?

Worried Cav owner