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    I know nothing about SM or MVD except what I have read here & elsewhere and my Alex does not have either of these yet!! This post appeared on another forum I belong to for a local rescue group where I got my Alex from. I would hope this might help someone if they have not tried it. I hope this is appropriate to post these:

    I went to see Dr. Luethy, cardiology, for my annual cardiac check of
    Gizmo and Winston. Gizmo was diagnosed with mitral valve disease
    when he was 4 and as you all know, when the disease occurs at that
    young age, it usually progresses and they die younger than normally.
    Winston was diagnosed when he was nine, but his diagnosis may have
    been overlooked previously. His cardiac disease is worse than Gizmo's
    and he was put on benazapril.

    Anyway, Gizmo's disease did progress the first year. I then started
    giving him a diet called Early Cardiac Support from Royal Canin that
    was developed by a cardiologist at Tufts. I also give him 60mg CoQ,
    400mg Vitamin E, and 500mg of Vitamin C every day. After Winston's
    diagnosis last year, I started him on this also. To make a long story
    short, neither dog has worsened; Gizmo has been stable for three
    years, he is now 8 1/2 and Winston has been stable for 1 year, he is
    10. Gizmo still is on no meds, Winston's dose of benazepril is the
    same and very low. Dr. Luethy said this is all very unusual to see.
    I haave told him about my nutritional immune modulation, but he just
    kind of smiles....

    the 2nd is:
    I’ve been using those same supplements (less the vitamin C which is covered in the following) with spiralina (I get mine from Nature’s Farmacy, but it’s available from a number of sources – 100% spiralina) and Fish Oil. I use it whether my dog has a murmur or not, but I started when Reno was diagnosed with a grade one two years ago. It is still a grade 1. We take vitamins and other supplements to prevent everything from early aging to cancer, why not give this as a preventative to our dogs? I feed Eagle Pack Holistic (anchovy flavor) to everyone but Emil. As an active stud dog (and when he was showing he needed the extra too) he needs the Eagle Pack Power formula, although now that he is retired I mix some of the Holistic with it. So far it’s working for me. Emil is six years old and heart clear. Locket is six years old and we think she is heart clear too (she was asculated clear this year). Reno is four and a half and has a grade 1.

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