When I got home from work today my Mum and Step-dad told me Pippa has had a sort of seizure thing. When I got in she didnt run and meet me like normal. She was standing next to my Mum and when I approached her she walked up to me but her rear end was going to the side causing her to walk diagonally. We got her to lay in her bed and every time she tried to focus on something her head kind of went from side to side not alot just slightly like she was dizzy and couldnt focus. As I was at work I asked Mum what happened this is it...
At about 1 O'clock today Pippa was brushing her head and body against my mum winding her body in and out mums legs (which is normal because she was wet and she normally does this) then she walked away from Mum and her back legs just collapsed, since she has been walking funny (as described earlier) and she has been sick three times. She is lying in her bed now but she is obviosuly not comfortable and unhappy.
Any ideas as to what is wrong? We have look at the SM website as after watching the pedigree programme on BBC are mind was immediatly drawn to that. She is only showing some of the symptoms but she hasnt been scratching which I thought was the main symptom.
Pippa is now 5 years old if that helps.
Please get back asap as we are very worried.