The vote was a response to Margaret Carter, breed health rep to the national UK CKCS Club, revealing that an SM affected dog was promoted to champion and used repeatedly at stud (as revealed on BBC Primetime's Pedigree Dogs Exposed).

I knew this vote would be a MAJOR problem for the kennel club... my only surprise is that the KC didn't try to intervene and resolve BEFORE the vote as they knew it was happening.

Kennel Club Hits Out at Cavalier Club; Supports Margaret Carter
Posted By Ryan O'Meara Date: 7/10 Posted Under: Animal Welfare

The Kennel Club has spoken to K9 Magazine about its concern following the decision of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club to vote out one of its committee members, Margaret Carter, who spoke out about breed health on the documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

The Kennel Club told us:
The Kennel Club is concerned about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club’s decision to remove breeder, Margaret Carter, from its committee.
Mrs Carter appeared to speak for those very aims that the Kennel Club and the Cavalier King Charles Club itself supports, which is reflected in the vast amount of effort that the breed club has put into ensuring that the health of the breed is progressed. Mrs Carter’s intentions appeared to be honourable and her will to ensure that the health of the breed is maintained, through responsible breeding practices, is one that the Kennel Club fully supports.

The Kennel Club has also issued news today that it is put the health of all of its 209 recognised breeds under review, due to be completed early next year.
Dog lovers all over the country will be heartened to see the Kennel Club taking a positive stand on these issues and the organisation should be resoundingly praised for their support of Margaret Carter on this issue.
The Kennel Club is correct. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club is out of step with the opinions of health conscious, right minded dog lovers and they should be ashamed of their actions.