Can anyone please offer suggestions for Molly. At the moment Molly is on 3 gabapentin (100mg each) three times a day. At the moment she is not too good, I had her at the vets this morning as at the moment she is lame on her back right leg and she is dragging it, the vet thinks she has some muscle damage from constantly scatching, her leg is constantly in the air scratching, she is struggling at the moment as she is unable to lift her leg up to sctatch her neck. Molly is able to get onto the chair or sofa but she cannot get down, she will cry to gey down, it obviously hurts her to look down and jump down, she is not crying out in pain, only when she wants to get off the chair or if she is picked up she may now and again cry. Molly was diagnosed with SM last July, she was seen at Geoff Skerritt's and had a full body MRI done, she was diagnosed with cervical syrinx extending from C1 - C5 occupying over 70% of her cord, cerebella herniation through the foramen magnum and enlarged lateral ventricles. I have tried to get on to the yahoo talk site but have had difficulties??? So if anyone has any suggestions or advice I would love to hear from you, I have arranged to take molly in two weeks to Chester gates again for Molly to be checked out again. Many thanks, Sarah