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Thread: best dry food

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    Hi Michelle,

    Have a look at this webpage:

    Only thing I would say is that if Millie has a sensitive tummy not sure if all of these are a good idea!

    I used bits of dried biscuits and wedged them in with some Kong stuffing (bought in a can - various flavours) but again, not sure if this would cause Millie problems.

    Sounds like Millie is doing really well!
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    "also er bought her a puppy kong today what sort of things should i put in and please excuse for being silly but how do they stay in "

    You push everything in until it is compacted making sure you cover one end over to stop it coming out.

    Try mixing mashed banana, bio yoghurt and honey together, put in king - remember to put cling film on one end to stop it coming out, then freeze - wonderful for teething time! Also peanut butter - but not too much due to salt content, but will keep her happily munching.
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    Sorry if this is a bit late, but i would recommend Burns puppy bites... Bailey has been on these since coming to live with us - i gradually changed her from the eukanuba which i was given with her.

    I can't rate the food highly enough - when i first got my westie she scratched a lot to the extent she started to get a small bald patch on her back, local vet suggested burns hypoalergenic pork & potato and we havent looked back since, within days lily's coat and skin was recovering and we have had no scratching problems for the past 12 months. Burns is made from natural ingredients and is good value in my opinion.
    A 7.5 kg bag of food lasts me 2 months for a full grown westie - making it £2.50 per week to feed her and far less for my Cav Bailey - about £1 a week for Bailey. For top quality food, you cant go wrong!
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    Mine are on JWB and Orijen.

    I tend to have two foods on the go at any one time incase I have difficulty sourcing one of them. Burns has always caused major tummy upsets with my gang and RC doesn't really agree with Cody.
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