Hi Karlin,
I'm new and was reading some of the older posts and noticed your old post from a couple of years ago asking if anyone was from PA where the Cavs were taken from breeder.


I purchased my 8-1/2 yr. old Casey from that breeder. When I got Casey there was no problem--he's been healthy and playful and a real sweetheart although very shy. The breeder spent over 2 hrs. with me (even showing me old pictures of him showing dogs at Wesminster). The confiscation happened 5 yrs. later. He was an older unmarried gentleman with no family (with an estate -- not a farm -- near the DuPont's--lots of old money). I believe (and our news reports at the time suggested) he began to get alzheimers and was just overwhelmed. He had raised small litters of dogs all his life.
Very unfortunate. I called Cavalier Rescue right away, but they never got any of the dogs. They were all adopted locally.