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Thread: Bailey doesn't want food - advice please

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    Thanks everyone,
    Bailey is still very lathargic with her tail down between her legs , all she did last night was sleep on me, and this morning also, but i managed to get her to eat a little last night and this morning (although this is such a tiny amount compared to what she will usually take) but something is better than nothing.
    i have also been syringing fluids into her, both rehydration fluids and water, so at least she has some fluids in her also. I have to go to work shortly, but only in for 4 hours and my next door neighbour is gonna check in on her, so fingers crossed she'll be ok.
    blood tests are back tomorrow so maybe they'll be able to tell us something?
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    I thought when they vomited or had diaherea that you were not to give them solids. I think I read somewhere about children's pedylite to help with electrolytes. Hali had terrible diarrea where young and if she would not drink I would syringe liquid into her small little mouth. Maybe a little honey in her water? Hope she improves. I hate when they are sick. Good Luck, Debbie
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    So sorry you are still having problems with Bailey's health, it must be so worrying for you, and when they do not eat it realy does make you concerned.
    One of the best things I have found when I have had a poorly dog is natures own food, HONEY, given on a spoon, my dogs think it is simply the best. It has so much goodness in it that when dogs are not eating it realy does help. The other use for honey is getting pills down so worth a try if you are still struggling.
    Hope she improves soon for you.


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