10 years ago, when my Grandpa retired, the family desided he needed company when he was home alone all day.
We brought Tasha home to him.
Tasha was a collieX, a funny little girl.
She was my grandpas bestfriend..my grandmas little girl.
years ago..she was having issues with her tail. Grandpa had talked with the vet, who said she might loose it. one day my little cousin was playing with her..and all of a sudden...he was holding a piece of the tail in his hand..and she was across the room.
Grandpa says the look on my cousins face was priceless.

When Grandpa and grandpa would go away, id go a block over and stay at their house to keep tasha company. She got very nervous when they were to leave.
she would sleep on my bed, and bark every now and then at someone walking by..which would scare the heck outa me everytime. coming from a house where my pup dosn't bark..at anythign but his own reflection in the sliding glass door.

Two weeks ago, tasha's appitite changed. Grandpa and grandpa tried her on all sorts of different dog food..with recomendationns from the vet . she was eating less and less, and outa desperation to get SOMETHING into her..they started cooking her human food..all healthy of course.. things that over the years they discoverd she had a taste for. (cheerios...carrots..tiny bits of meat) but even that she turned up her nose to.

Grandma and grandpa went away for the night on sunday. they left me with lots of detaild instructions and different types of food.
she only ate a handful of pieces of steak.
that was her last meal.

Grandpa made a vet apointment, and took her in yesterday. She was rushed to hospital shortly after where they put her on an IV for nutrition. they discoverd her lymph nodes were swollen all over her body, her throat was swollen.
There was a good chance it was cancer. I phoned grandpa this afternoon on my break to see how she was doing.
he sounded very choked up..
if you know my grandpa..you know he dosn't cry. The only time anyone in our entire family has seen him cry was last year when we had a near death experiance with my cousin last year.
he told me they had to put tasha to sleep this afternoon. He couldnt say anymore ..i could tell he was crying.

tasha sweetie..you were such a good dog. we love you..rest in peace baby.