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Thread: Does anyone know where to find...

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    It's important to clip the hair that grows between their pads - clip it short, and to keep nails trimmed short. This combined with the paw wax should help. Here is the paw wax I use:

    Also, you can put down those rubbery mats that hold throw rugs in place. I buy the ones for a large area rug and cut into 24 inch wide strips. All of these things worked for Charlie, who was very handicapped.
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    I am going to get wax and the rug pads tomorrow. Poor thing popped his hip out again tonight which really concerns me since it is now happening more frequently. I am going to really delve into the physical therapy tomorrow and am going to make an appointment for him to go to the surgery center to walk on the under water treadmill. He is really just the sweetest dog and is only 3 that I have to do everything I can before resorting to surgery. He is a rescue and came from a very bad situation and has had many health problems, allergies, anxiety, eye issues, that I want to try everything I can before putting him through the stress of surgery.

    If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, please send them my way. Thanks!


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