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Thread: Getting concerned about fighting

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    Default Getting concerned about fighting

    I am getting a little concerned now about Charlie's play fighting with Poppet. At 12 weeks he is bigger, stonger, faster and more agile and when he plays it does seem rough (although not enough to cause injury).

    Problem is, Poppet has no chance, and therefore becomes scared as Charlie is quite relentless - so she tries to walk away and hide.

    My idea was to keep them apart and let them socialise on a controlled basis. Keep her in the pen, him on the other side (and alternate at points) to ultimately keep them apart until she is bigger and Charlie therefore is not able to be so dominating.

    I don't know if this is the right thing to do however. Any suggestions?

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    Someone with more experience will probably have better advice. I was at Bandit and Lizzies breeders house this past weekend, and she routinely has puppies of different ages. She socializes them together, but does seperate them b/c sometimes the bigger ones are just too rough or gang up on a younger puppy. I think regular, supervised play, and then separate when Poppet seems to be no longer enjoying it is reasonable and will probably resolve itself in time. Older puppies usually can play okay with other puppies their age because they let their littermates know when someone has crossed the line and gotten too rough. Younger puppies can get scared and ovwhelmed, but in time they learn to play together if you manage and monitor them and help the younger one get a break when things get too rough.
    Lizzie and Bandit are doing great together, but when she gets tired, I have to seperate her and Bandit so she can sleep, otherwise he harasses her and she gets nasty to him. That in turn makes him nasty back and it gets ugly. I now recognize when they have had enough and seperate them before the trouble starts.


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