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Thread: And another bed bites the dust

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    Default And another bed bites the dust

    Any suggestions on a sturdy bed for two cavaliers? So far my two boys have destroyed three, and in defense of my boys, the first one they destroyed they had for a long time. lol. It cant have zippers (they have some affection for those) and it would be great if it could be washed. I am in the U.S. so shipping to here would also be a must.

    Also, my Kip's bday is coming up, any ideas on a dog friendly cake or largerish treat for him and Albie to share?

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    I have a bed from Orvis that my boys love. They used to sell them in the stores but now you have to order them online. There's a "Tough Chew" line that is supposed to be harder for them to destroy. Here's the link:

    I think there's a zipper on mine, but you can also buy a cover for the bed that's easily washable and might hide the zipper. Here's that link:

    As for a birthday "cake", for Miles' 1st birthday I bought a container of Aunt Jeni's frozen raw food (rabbit), formed it into a little cake and put a candle on top. They loved it If you don't want to feed them raw, here's a website I found with some cake recipes for dogs:
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