My darling Annie (8 months old) tri female has the symptoms of SM. I had noticed the scratching before, particularly at obedience class, but when I started reading up on it and watching the videos I see her behavior. I have an appointment with a good vet tomorrow, and the vet tech owns a Cavalier. I live in the DFW area and will search for a neurologist in the area after ruling out all other possibilities.

I am sad to say the least, heartbroken is a better word. My first Cavalier died at the age of 9 months from autoimmune disease and Annie was her replacement. I was not aware how common SM is. Annie is the best dog and has been taking obedience classes. A natural ! Due to the recent downturn in the stock market and economy my income is not what it once was. Does anyone NOT do surgery on their dogs? I know, I need to find out first if she really has it, but I know in my heart she does. The sypmptoms are all there, except maybe the air scratching.

This is really hard but I will do whatever I need to for her. Martha