On Wednesday our beautiful little Ruby - 16 months - was diagnosed as having a SM - 3mm 'bulge' and 1 syrinxes.(apparently an unusual one as it is lore to left of spinal column rather than central) We are devastated. We return to the neurologist at the beginning of December and I am already thinking up questions to ask him. Up until Wednesday her only sign of something not right was after scratching her ear she had a moment of weakness in her right eye and seemed a little frightened for no more than 5 mins. Our vet said she could have made herself dizzy by scratching her ear. We decided to rule out the worst case and had her MRI'd - Now we find we have ruled it in. Since then I seem to be looking for symptoms when infact she doesn't really display any. She never yelps or winces in pain. She loves having her neck massaged. She does scratch occasionally - maybe 3 times a day or maybe only 1. If I simulate scratching her neck for her she does air scratch but apparently this is the 'Scratch reflex' and is normal in dogs. Anyway I suppose I just want reassurance that others have been where I am. SHe has been put on a low dose of diuretic for life. Anyone out there able to relate to our story or offer words of hope? Thank you x