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Thread: I have just put a comment on breed notes

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    Mr Skerritt has been carrying out decompression surgery for some time now too - he has done 30 - 40. He doesn't broach the meninges though, he says this gives a quicker recovery, but obviously does not have the long term results that Dr Clare Rusbridge and others have.

    My understanding is that sometimes the cerebellum is adhered to the meninges {where they have been forced together from the pressure} so that has to be addressed - I'm not sure how Mr Skerritt deals with this situation.

    I'm not sure whether Mr Skerritt does still do shunt surgeries - I know some neurologists have done both procedures at the same time - eg Dr Carly Abramson in the US.
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    I added my two cents...for what it's worth! I wish the points made by Bet (if you can call them "points") were made with an ounce of research and clarity. I truly don't think she understands the CONDITION at all.
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