Hi everyone,

Gizmo and I wish to thank each and everyone of you for your kind words and advice and hope all of you are doing ok.

Gizmo is doing very well on his medication, and I have bought him a great new harness that he now loves. I have unwraped the cotton wool I had projectd him into and he is again living life to the fullest. He still has days where he is lethargic but these are very few and far between. His neuroligist is very pleased by him as is his vet, whom i think must be getting sick of my constant questions and worrying.

I have started getting on with life better now too. I admit it is difficult and despite being told off I still find it hard not to put everything down to his condition. I have to tell remind myself that at this moment in time yes he has this but he is fine so I let him live his life. He has had no yelping, no limping, he is jumping, playing and getting into all his usual trouble that makes me love him all the more.

Again thank you to all who helped, it ment so much to me and Gizmo. We will contnue to update you all.

Lots of love