Hi all,

Rex has been doing very well since being diagnosed with SM two years ago at the age of 9. He is my mother's dog but is with me at the moment for some weeks. He has been reasonably bright and chirpy, sleeps alot (he is 11 or so) but is happy and waggy and interested in all the lovely smells in my garden.

The last few days he has been less good. He is not keen on his food, his faeces seem quite pale / yellow, he is very weak on his back legs and has started falling over / tipping sideways since last night. He doesn't want to get up off the sofa.

He isn't crying and is not as bad as his first episode 2 years ago (was doubly incontinent and crying in pain a lot)

He has been on Gapapentin 3 times a day for the 2 years with no other medication.

Given his age, he has a 'not bad' heart murmur (not medicated as yet), may be a bit arthritic, has got really terrible teeth (maybe not extracted due to murmur?) and may have other things going on.

I am taking him to my vet today but I don't know what experience of SM they have. I will ask them to consult Clare Rusbridger, who did the diagnosis.

My question is - does this sound like a 'normal' episode or something else or even a side effect of all his pills. Anyone have any suggestions?