Tess, my 8 month old cav, is having "episodes". The only constant/regular symptoms she has are yelping when picked up around the shoulders and, very rarely, random yelps and attacking her hind legs. She has had 3 episodes over the past 3 months where she will start yelping and moving funny on the ground and then she is very weak, especially in the hind legs so that she can barely walk or wont get up at all. She becomes very tender when touched/moved(yelps) and then becomes very drowsy/lethergic/shakey (like she's hypoglycemic or something) She is not herself and wants to sleep for hours. This does not seem to be brought on by activity or anything I in particular I can think of. I have thought of episodic falling syndrome but again not brought on by activity and does not resolve quickly. Even though most of the symptoms didn't fit, some fit hypoglycemia, accept for the fact that the symptoms were resolved by NSAIDs and not sugar or food. I have thought of that primary secretary otitis media thing except she has no symptoms of scratching, head tilt etc. I don't know what's wrong with her!!! The first time this happened I took her to the emergency vet and by that time she was not in her acute stage just her tender, drowsy stage and was coming out of it so he thought it was gas or stress. The second time we just gave her an NSAID and she got better througout the day. This time we rushed her to the regular vet and he gave her a steroid shot, antiinflammatories and pain killers and she came around the same as always. Her temp was normal and he took Xrays which were normal. It could be an injury I guess but it doesnt seem like it and it could also be an infection or something but it just doesnt seem to fit--then again SM doesnt fit perfectly either. I have an appointment with a neurologist in a week--should I go? Anybody else with a puppy with SM symptoms? were they similar? Does anybody have a "hunch" about whether this is SM or am I totally off base here? I appreciate any help!!