The SM Collection Scheme is now finalised and I have posted the flyer information below.

I am sorry to bring up unhappy thoughts. I am not really a gloomy person, but I am passionate about stopping the spread of SM through our breed, & to do that I have to ask owners to look at painful reality.

It is a terrible thing when anyone's pet die, but it happens, and for owners that have dogs with syringomyelia this scheme could be a way to feel something positive has come from something so sad.

Many dogs live for many years with their SM symptoms controlled by drugs, & they may well die of other things, MVD, cancer or problems of old age. These are the dogs that could contribute as much to the knowledge of syringomyelia as the unfortunate little ones that are put to sleep at a young age because they are so badly affected by SM.

I have donated three cavaliers for post mortem and I am glad that I did so. Their bodies were then cremated & their ashes are now scattered on a Norfolk beach, joining those from all the other cavaliers I have owned.
I like to think they are all playing and running together across the sand.

Please tell other cavalier owners about this scheme. This is a terrible thing that is happening to our lovely dogs, and by working together we may help to find the cause.

Thank you,

Margaret C


This is a plea to all owners with a cavalier that has Syringomyelia confirmed by an MRI scan.

However sad the thought makes us, all our dogs will die at some time.There will be some owners who having seen their pets suffer from syringomyelia, would like to know that their loss could help unravel some of the mysteries of this painful condition.

Professor Nick Jeffery ( Cambridge University ) Dr Clare Rusbridge (Stone Lion Veterinary Centre), & other researchers need owners to donate cell tissue, the basic material needed in the study of cavalier health problems, when their Syringomyelia affected cavaliers die.
The death can be from any cause but, as the primary aim of this scheme is to provide spinal cord tissue for SM research, the cavalier must have a positive diagnosis of SM.

Pancreatic and heart valve tissue will also be collected for use in separate studies.

The Collection Scheme will pay for ten cavaliers bodies to be donated. It will provide a grant to help the owner transport their recently deceased pet to the nearest veterinary centre with a pathology department.
The cost of the post mortem, the fee for individual cremation and return of the ashes, and the cost of sending the donated tissue to the Universities will also be paid by the scheme.

The deceased cavalier should be at least three months old and the cause of death can be for any reason, it does not have to be related to the syringomyelia diagnosis.

All Cavalier owners are different, some will find themselves uncomfortable at the thought of donating their pet’s body for post mortem, preferring to bury them in a favourite spot in the garden. There are other owners, however, who would feel positive about giving their dog for post mortem examination, as long as they know they will have their pet’s ashes back and they can decide on their last resting place.

The death of a much loved cavalier is a very emotional occasion and decisions made on the spur of the moment may later be regretted.
Participation in this scheme is something that should be thought through carefully before the loss of the pet occurs.

Any cavalier owner wanting more details are invited to contact:-

Margaret Carter
Tel: 01707 262035